Weapons update progress report!

Greetings KILLSPIRACY TV  watchers the following information is on a need-to-know basis,  They are always watching ya' know?

As you may already know the upcoming weapons Update will include a rocket launcher, a holly water hand grenade,  Magick  Bullitt, and a GMO cocktail.

  • The rocket launcher will create an explosion similar to the grenade but shoots in a straight line that detonates on impact.
  • The holly water hand grenade creates an aria of effect on the ground "big puddle" that damages enemies that stand on it.
  • The Magick  Bullitt is a powerful projectile that will home in on the nearest enemy.
  • Finally, the GMO cocktail will temporarily transform the player into a buff monster that has a modest amount of health regeneration and a devastating melee attack to tear through large mobs of foes.

The rocket launcher and holly water hand grenade are mostly codded and I'm currently working on animations of all the listed weapons.
Here are some previews of the new animations.

Rocket launcher 

Holly water hand grenade

Magick  Bullitt 

We're nearing 500 downloads I can't wait to bring you all this next update, Thanks to everyone who's been playing the game I ho[e you continue to enjoy it!



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Will you add a menu to adjust mouse sensitivity and volume?

I can. I'm a one-man dev though so it'll slow down how fast the update comes out LOL.  I checked my mouse control code and it's doable, I haven't included an options screen because I haven't coded a way to save anything in the game yet and people would have to set everything back to their preferred settings every time they start the game, Game maker studio 2 Isn't great for that. 

TL;DR It's on my to-do list but I can't promise when.