A downloadable game for Windows

Prepare to have your brain washed and Hung out to dry.

Polybius squared Is the unholy love child of qbert, pacman, and MK ultra.
It knows you can't possibly flip all the red tiles on the playing field to blue.
It knows you can’t possibly avoid the red tile flippers and  spinning triangles.
It Knows your not even skilled enough to see screen 5 on just 3 credits.
It knows all these things and more because It’s reading and altering your mind!

But seriously it’s part arcade game part creepy pasta 100% free.

Use the arrow keys or right analog stick to move.
Press Space or A button to Start the Game
Press Esc to quit.


It runs  fine on 4 gigs of memory and Intel integrated graphics.

Please note that this is based on the urban legend and is a work of fiction.

Warning: this game Contains flashing images those who are photosensitive should exercise caution before playing.

Install instructions

Just extract the zip folder and the executable is ready to go.


Polibius 2.zip 4 MB


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Hi! sorry for the weird command, but based on gameplay video I have seen for some reason the game seems zoomed in, or at least, not displaying the full window, when I run it and I can't seem to find any resolution options, closest is the 'force windowed mode' on command line parameters,and even in a window, it refuses to display the full screen, it's not major, but it i sannoying I can't see the full window. Any potential help or solutions you can offer?

Squares… Squares everywhere!