1.1 10th anniversary update.

Whoa boy, it's been 10 years since I originally made this thing. Anyhow earlier this year  I was going through some old hard drives and realized a copy of my AGS 2.72 folder was still intact. This meant I had access to all the original files and AGS project files to do an update. While I resisted the urge to go crazy I did do some fairly major things that I feel improve the quality of the game.

1.1 10th anniversary update Features:

  • Changed UI to always show what verbs are available.
    • the buttons are now always visible as opposed to only poping up when moused over.
  • New cursor graphics for the look, talk, use, and take verbs.
    • The look is now a set of glasses, talk is Neely's mustachioed mouth, use, and take are hand gestures.
  • New "look at "dialog for almost everything in the game.
    • The first release of the game featured an unhandled response system that would combine the noun of what you were interacting with and a randomly selected sentence. This was a mistake I've now gone back in and written new "look at" lines and new interaction lines for most everything. 
  • Some puzzle interactions tweaked and Egore quest easter egg made more obvious.
    • yeah, I don't think anybody found this easter egg.

The original version will remain up this Is most likely the last and only update that I will do. Enjoy.


Professor neely v1.1.zip 10th Anniversary Update! 17 MB
Dec 29, 2020

Get Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom


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I remember playing this the first time and enjoyed it a lot. :) I will defo give this updated version another go. Happy new year!. :)